Thursday, 18 June 2015

Final Thoughts

Congratulations to all of the Environmental Connections students!  You made it through another semester of learning.  I hope you will take your new found knowledge of environmental issue and apply it to your everyday life.  Remember that being a leader in an area as important as the environment requires passion, dedication and perseverance to the cause . I know that you are up to the challenge.  You are armed with the scientific knowledge to refute the naysayers and disbelievers.  All you have to do is have the courage to stand up to them in an honest debate of the facts. I hope to see many of you canoeing and camping  in the beautiful outdoor facilities that our country has to offer.  The more you explore them the more you will want to protect them.  Live long and prosper, leave no trace on the landscape, take nothing but pictures, keep your sleeping bag dry, your paddle in the water  and strive to be the environmental jedi that I know you can. I will leave you with a few quotes from the master paddler himself, Bill Mason.

….the canoe is not a lifeless, inanimate object; it feels very much alive, alive with the life of the river. – Bill Mason, Path of the Paddle
There is nothing that is so aesthetically pleasing and yet so functional and versatile as the canoe. – Bill Mason
There is one thing I should warn you about before you decide to get serious about canoeing. You must consider the possibility of becoming totally and incurably hooked on it. You must also face the fact that every fall about freeze-up time you go through a withdrawal period as you watch the lakes and rivers icing overone by one. Cross-country skiing and snowshoeing can help a little to ease the pain, but they won’t guarantee a complete cure. – Bill Mason, Path of the Paddle
It’s the portage that makes travelling by canoe unique. – Bill Mason
….portaging is like hitting yourself on the head with a hammer: it feels so good when you stop. – Bill Mason
Anyone who says they like portaging is either a liar or crazy. – Bill Mason
A journey by canoe along ancient waterways is a good way to rediscover our lost relationship with the natural world and the Creator who put it tohether so long ago. – Bill Mason, Path of the Paddle
The path of the paddle can be a means of getting things back to their original perspective. – Bill Mason, Path of the Paddle

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