Monday, 26 January 2015

Welcome to IDC4U/O

In this course you will have the opportunity to explore a variety of environmental issues and experience a variety of outdoor activities. You can even become certified in several industry recognized areas such as CPR, First Aid and WHMIS.  As a SHSM course you will have the opportunity to achieve a Specialist High Skills Major diploma that requires an environmental co-op worth 2 credits. 

It is no secret that the people living in the 21st century will have many challenges.  Possibly none greater than the impact we are having on the environment right now.  How will we face these challenges?  What changes to our lifestyle will we need to make? Evidence of our current use of the planet's resources continues to paint a bleak picture for the environment.  We have an opportunity to step back and analyze this mounting tide of information and try to make sense of it.  The three areas that will be looked at are land, water, and air.  A better understanding of how these three zones are connected will allow us to make informed lifestyle decisions for ourselves. 

An unusual aspect of this course is the independent requirements of the learner [that's you].  My role will be as a guide in your learning process.  Content for the course comes from the Big Ideas and learning expectations I have laid out for you.  The nuts and bolts that are required for success in the course come from you and are demonstrated through the various project and activities you perform and complete. That being said, none will be greater than the Blog you will develop.  It will be used to describe and demonstrate your leaning on an ongoing basis. It is meant to record your learning in this course and to communicate to others what you are interested in and what you have discovered.

Here is a couple of links that should lead you to some ideas about what to look for when constructing your blog.

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